Beef Brisket on the bone SLICED. $20 Tray.

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Brisket, tons of flavour and on the bone. You've got 2 choices in cooking this lovely flavoursome cut. If you have a massive saucepan then you can cook it on the bone in the saucepan or you can slow roast it. You want that connective tissue that you have in brisket to just melt slowly which is what you get in a casserole or stew. You can get the same effect in an oven as long as you cook it slowly or you are lucky enought to have a steam oven. Alternatively, you can just debone it yourself, it's not that difficult. There is one final option - BBQ. You need to be really into BBQing, American style - they smoke brisket on the bone or slow BBQ for 8 - 24 hours. It is magnificent but you need some dedication and the right set-up

Approx weight  1.4kg